Jason Fellows


Jason, a native to Texas, spent 6 years in the U.S. military followed by 12 years working in the oil fields all over the world. In 2015, during his travels and explorations, he found himself in the Amazon jungles of Peru exploring some traditions of native cultures. Over the course of the next year, Jason explored deeper into these traditions and eventually found Kambo in the jungle about 200 miles outside of Iquitos. He soon began to notice his own healing of anxiety through Kambo. 

It was at this point that he decided to focus on a life of service to others through the facilitation of Kambo. After a year of working with Kambo on his own, he attended an intense training program to learn  to facilitate for others in need of Kambo.  Jason developed his own methodology in working with Kambo from working with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, ranging from professional athletes,  soldiers, chiropractors, lawyers, musicians, to your typical 65 year old grandmother battling depression .   Witnessing the Kambo movement explode after recent years and seeing "facilitators" of Kambo come on to the scene practicing Kambo in non traditional ways in a pseudoscientific approach, Jason made the decision to develop his own Kambo practitioner training course that focuses on safety and  the known science of Kambo with the goal  of producing confident and competent practitioners that continue to facilitate this beautiful experience for people in need, while keeping the client and practitioner safe above all else and keeping  Kambo in a positive light.



I imagine that it takes most westerners a long time to get to the place where Kambo (Frog Venom Therapy) is the answer.  It’s not typical to seek out someone whom is competent with Jungle Medicines to come burn your skin and put frog poison on you. But lucky are the ones that find it......and blessed are those that find Jason Fellows as their fearless guide.  

For me it took the threat of losing my dancing legs, loosing lung capacity to be able to sing, loosing the ability to communicate and think, being stuck in bed for most of 3 years ....before I had the guts to go for it. 

But when you have tried literally EVERYTHING to get better....spent around $100,000 on doctors without answers and endless treatments over the span of about 3 decades ....and nothing has worked and your body steadily continues to loose energy ....you’ll do anything to get your life and joy back.  

What I have learned gleaned from my life experience......No matter what label your doctor gives you LYME, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Lupus, ALS ....etc.... the way through it is DETOX!!! I never found a more powerful detox than Kambo..... it saved my life!

My best friend and I were blessed that we got to experience the divine humble grounded masculine energy that Jason Fellows exudes as we headed into our sit with Kambo. 
Jason is incredibly intelligent and very intuitive.  He gave us all the science behind this unique and powerful healing method... so I had an easy time visualizing what was going on inside my body during the process and felt safe through the entire process!  (Which only lasts 20 minutes)
Jason said that there are facebook groups that have countless stories of people overcoming Stage 4 Cancer, MS, LYME, PTSD, Infertility..... (the list goes on)........ These stories got me soooo excited and built some healing momentum! 

Jason’s personal stories from the Jungle were soo fun to hear about. Expanding my sphere of influence is one of my favorite spices in life. Especially when that influence is from someone whom has gone deep and “done the work” like Jason has.   I was soo inspired by what he has overcome in his journey to wholeness.

Jason serves this medicine to all walks of life.... from NFL players….. to sick people that can barely put food on their tables. He is qualified to do this work because he spent time in the jungle learning from jungle medicines, and he also went to a Kambo Facilitators School. Bonus! 

I was soo grateful that Jason knew how to  create the safe space I needed to dive into my own inner knowing.  His intuition is ON POINT!!! And his frequency was off the charts beautiful! We were complete strangers yet he was instantly soo loving and caring to both my best friend and I.  How beautiful to witness a man that travels the world on a journey to end the suffering in as many bodies as possible!?!

The way that the Kambo Medicine is taken in, is by burning a small dot onto the skin and then the frog venom is placed onto that dot for 20 minutes where it enters your Lymphatic System. (Lymphatic System = Our Bodily Trashcan) … and then the Kambo systematically begins to go to war removing the garbage/toxins from the body/organs.  (Toxins = Parasites, Pathogens, Viruses, Bacteria etc….)  

With so many people leading sedintary lives these days it’s no wonder soo many people have frozen lymph issues! The blood veins have the heart pumping the blood flow. The Lymph does not have help from the heart. The only way to keep your Lymph clean is MOVEMENT! (And dry skin brushing and Lymphatic massage/ Lymphatic Treatments from a machine called the Lymph Star) 

People typically purge a few times during this 20 minute time span of discomfort after the frog medicine is applied. It simply feels like having the flu for 20 minutes. Was not bad at all .....and I’m a very sensitive person. 

I would say the hardest part is anticipating vomiting.....simply because vomiting isn’t the most fun thing you could do on a sunny afternoon. I just stayed in gratitude and kept deeply breathing and listening to mantra and a few other songs that I dedicated to the Kambo ceremony. 

I kept in mind that everything that has ended up being of TRUE value to my life .... has started with discomfort ..... moving beyond my comfort zone. .... and typically feels a bit Harry Potter-ish. 

I always love watching my best friend sit with this medicine. His breathwork is soo beautiful...even… and grounded. Imagine someone with their eyes closed ...seated in lotus ...deep breathing like a champ…. and occasionally sweating ....and vomiting into a bucket….. such grace.  (Breathing deep helps soo much!) 

For me I sit, breathe, and a have few realization-tears, and my body typically tremors momentarily. (Tremors are typical for people detoxing LYME Disease)

 I had my acupuncturist put circles on my body the day before I sat with Kambo to mark the meridian spots that would be good for me to do personal acupressure on. I figured why not make the location of the dot-tattoo be a reminder to give my organs some love. 

LYME toxins and other parasites / pathogens are BASTARDS! They are soo strong and on a mission to live off the host, dibilatate them, and then kill them.  The Kambo frog has no known predators in the jungle or in the body.  It’s like Superman/Superwoman!  No one can bring it down.  It’s mission, once inside your body, is to liberate your body from the internal haters! 

I’ve been feeling my vitality coming back to me after spending the better part of 3 years stuck in bed!!!  This feeling brought me to my knees in gratitude for Kambo and Jason!  I was thinking..... “Good lord Kermit is helping me get my life back this is so weird!”

I visualized the inner war (during my 20 minute Kambo Flu) like some sort of video game inside me... the Kambo was zapping all the mean monsters that began to plague me and cause major digestive and brain issues in my body / mind since I was a little girl. Visualization was key for me.

For me,  the 20 minute Kambo-Flu was

just the tip of the iceberg. Kambo Magic also goes to work on your emotional body.... and many report (and I concur) that their relationships that needed to heal begin to heal...... and clarity of life purpose / next steps of life come into focus. People come out of the woodwork wanting to find peace and harmony. 

Jason told us that Kambo is a jungle medicine usually found in South America that hunters sit with to be prepared to be strong and clear minded enough to hunt.  Which explains why instead of waking up and reaching for my cane again (the day after my 4th sit with Kambo)..... I shot out of bed at 4:30am did yoga and meditated and then proceeded to clean the kitchen and garage and dance at the same time (listening to wonderfully-horrible 80’s music) 

Life has shown me that  I don’t get to move on from a lesson until the gem from the lesson is observed and honored.  I feel that jungle medicines such as Kambo & Ayahuasca assist people to find those gems that are waiting to be unearthed from the subconscious.  I believe that these medicine are of HUGE support to our evolutionary journeys. Makes sense ...the best advice comes from nature and life experience.... not from sitting around reading cheesy social media memes. #wasteoftime

The after-math of every Kambo sit has been all about self discovery and forgiveness. I highly recommend taking the day off afterwards so you can have space and time to integrate and hydrate with electrolytes water, eat kiwi and blueberries and papaya!  I also highly recommend having Lymphatic Drainage Therapy afterwards! Lymph Drainage may help you not Herx. (Herxing = an unpleasant detox reaction that people with LYME tend to get.... it’s a good sign! It means it’s working! Breath through it.... and stay in Gratitude! ) 

My integration journaling from Kambo is as follows:

“Kambo helps me to feel into the human-ness of us all, and reminds me that EVERYONE is always doing their best! 

We are all dismantling the programming within us that doesn’t serve us anymore. The courageous peeps are seeking to find the root source of their pain/sadness so they can let it go.  My deepest prayer is that humantiy can learn to have compassion for each persons path back to wholeness. 

I can’t believe that my answered prayer, to get my life and power back, came from a frog!!! 

This realization made me fall in love with nature all over again. Nature has all the answers 

that humanity needs to heal itself and come back into harmony.  My best advice has always come from within myself/nature.

I feel a overwhelming need to protect the rainforest/nature now. Thus, if enough of humanity experiences Jungle Medicines and Healing Herbs we will have a better chance at cleaning up the planetary messes we have made and find more harmonious ways to co-exist. 

This pale american woman is becoming red on the inside....digging into my Choctaw Indian roots. Cultivating the courage to go deep into the pain and discomforts of life so I can let them go. I am detoxing any stagnant emotions, negative programming, greed, fear, illusionary core beliefs and ancestral suffering. 

It’s a process..... but everyday I am feeling my body getting stronger ...... which means I get to share my love with the world again..... but from a more grounded and understanding place this time.

So very blessed. 

So grateful.”

If you are always tired or sick or need to detox.... try Kambo if you feel called to do so!  

And may you be blessed with the opportunity to sit with Jason Fellows. ( THE humble warrior) 


Jess Lee                                                                         


Throughout the last year and a half, I have been met with constant encouragement from several certified practitioners, curanderas (os) (healers), and pasajeros (as) (passengers)  on the path of plant spirit medicines.  A common theme has been present  throughout my experience - the medicines were calling me just as much  as I was seeking them.  Perhaps the medicines are calling your name as  well.

While Western medicine holds a respectful place  in the world, ancient tribal medicines have been increasingly making  their mark in today’s modern world.  And for good reason - they work,  and they have the potential to work much better than pharmaceutical  medicines.  The medicines have exponentially changed my life for the  better.  I had become stuck in a place of high anxiety, depression, and  PTSD after several deep losses, the worst being my wife and soulmate  unexpectedly passing away at 46 years old.  And then I met Jason  Fellows.

Jason has traveled the world to study and work  with several different tribal medicines, and he has spent enough time  learning about their different healing modalities that he has rightfully  earned the title of a Kambo practitioner.  He willingly admits that he  is only a bridge between the pasajero and the tribal medicines.  Jason administers medicine with compassion, gratitude, and safety.

If you are considering plant spirit medicines, then I offer a few tokens of advice to help you on your journey:

- Adopt reverence:  The medicine(s) you may work with can be extremely  powerful and even life changing.  These medicines are not to be  considered recreational, and labeling them as “drugs” is a mistake.
- Find a skilled practitioner:  Again, the medicines and their  practitioners are calling out to you just as much as you may be seeking  them.  Use your intuition and patience to find someone who will  successfully serve as the conduit between you and the medicine.
- Be forthright:  This is not the time or place for vanity.  Tell your  practitioner about any medications you take or health issues you have.   Also, convey any concerns about safety or any fears you may have.  This  information will allow the practitioner to tailor the medicine and  dosage to your specific situation.
- Know that fear will dissolve:  Working with these medicines can often  times lead to intimidating or possibly fearful places.  If you “fight”  the medicine then it will also “fight” back.  If you approach a fearful  place, then allow the medicine to be a teacher and a healer.  You will  eventually move through the fear and be a stronger person.
- Accept the gift of healing:  My anxiety began to dissolve; my  depression was lifted and thrown far away; my trauma became teachers; I  began to place boundaries on toxic relationships; I began to truly laugh  again; I became alive again.  The tribal medicines desire to offer  healing.  Be kind to these medicines and to yourself, and accept the  gifts with gratitude.

I am also grateful for Jason.  Unlike modern  Western medicine, he listened to my stories without glancing at his  watch.  He gave me compassionate condolences, practical observations,  and useful advice.  Then he gave me the medicine I needed when the time  came for him to serve.  He communicated with me days and even weeks  after administering medicine to check on my progress.  And he is still  genuinely excited to see how the medicine continues to heal and teach,  since the medicine is said to always stay with you.

                                                                     NICK FROM DALLAS 

After  initially meeting Jason, I felt comforted and was struck with his high  level of professionalism and respect for the medicine. He addressed all  my concerns, and provided a safe area for our ceremonies. Additionally,  he checked in with me over the proceeding weeks. I will not say that my  ceremonies were easy, but they did reveal much to me that I had been  neglecting. The medicine has revealed to me a newly found sense of inner  strength and peace. It is as if I haven't been given anything new, but  rather, I have dropped much that has been preventing me from knowing a  deeper, inner truth. The medicine has given me training wheels during  emotionally turbulent times, that have assisted me in restructuring my  life to bring more honor and reverence to what I do. Immediately  following ceremonies, I felt immense physical shifts too. Certain blocks  in my body were lifted.

As a result, I felt lighter and was able to  devote more psychic energy to my surroundings and other people, as  opposed to my own neuroses. Kambo is not for the faint of heart. The  medicine seems to align with the common adage, "you get what you need,  not what you want". I found this medicine to usher in rapid and  incredible changes in my life, many of which I was not aware I needed to  make. I feel more intimately engaged with my reality. But then again,  this is just the beginning. When choosing to embark on this journey, I  could not think of anyone more qualified to walk through it with than  Jason. He has become a good friend of mine, and it is an absolute  pleasure to work with someone who fully devotes themselves to their  craft.

                                                                      LENORE FROM HOUSTON

Thank you for sharing your work with me.  I am seeing some improvements in the mobility of my foot and strength of my leg.  It's wonderful!  The pain has gone down considerably and my husband even complained once that I was walking to fast for him.  There have also been so many moments of clarity.  I feel centered and connected.  Thank you so, so much!  


                                                                         AMISH FROM DALLAS

Today I had my first Kambo cleansing session, privately administered by a certified practitioner Jason, whom I will address by [He], in the safety of my home. My Kambo ceremony was divided into 3 parts.

Part 1: Sananga - The Traditional Eyedrops that Sting

The Sananga eyedrops come from the root of an Amazonian shrub. During the first part of the ceremony, the drops would be applied to my eyes in order to bring me more clarity and relaxation, as well as ease my nerves for what was to come in the rest of the ceremony.

I laid flat on my bed with my eyes closed and arms folded across my chest. Using an eyedropper, [He] placed 1 drop in the corner of my left eye and 1 drop in the corner of my right. I then opened my eyes and rapidly shook my head from side to side until the drops entered my corneas.

Once the drops made contact, an intense burning sensation immediately followed. I can most closely relate the feeling to that of someone blowing Cayenne pepper directly into both of my eyes without stopping. [He] applied pressure to my crossed arms to help me refrain from flailing due to pain and shock. The next 1 minute involved heavy, deep breathing through the pain until my eyes became used to the feeling and my body began to calm down. The next 15 minutes were peaceful as I lay relaxed on the bed with my eyes still closed, breathing lightly as [He] began preparing the Kambo mixture for Part 2 of the ceremony.

Part 2: Kambo - The Amazonian Tree Frog Poison

After the eyedrop phase, I made my way to the floor beside my bed and we sat together on a yoga mat. Before the Kambo process could begin, I was told to drink 34 ounces of water in order to facilitate my eventual "purge" (the release of toxins and negative energy from my body - more detail later). In order to administer the Kambo, [He] used an incense-like twig to create small blisters on my skin, or "burn points". He made 4 small burn points on my left arm and proceeded to place a small amount of Kambo on the 1st point. This was called the "Test Point", which allowed [Him] to see how my body would initially react to the Kambo. 

About 20 seconds into the first dose, my head felt warm, tingly and mildly light-headed, but nothing more than that. This seemed to suggest that I was tolerating the Kambo well and may need more than 4 doses in total. [He] took the incense stick again and placed another burn point on my arm, making 5 total points. Now there was nothing left to do except administer the next 4 doses.

Once all 5 burn points were coated with the Kambo, the warmth in my head grew, the tingly feelings in my body heightened, and I could hear my heart beating through my head. I was only aware of my feelings and surroundings for about 25 seconds until I passed out. During this time of unconsciousness, I was in some sort of trance. The music that was playing in my bedroom seemed to follow me into this foreign realm, although I had no knowledge of my existence nor of the fact that I was still in my room. 

Within 30 seconds (although it felt like 30 minutes) I was jolted awake by an intense need to vomit, or "purge". Beside me there was a bin dedicated for this part of the ceremony - the "purge bucket" - which I began vomitting into. This purging period continued for the next 15-20 minutes. The first 5 minutes of purging was just a release of the water I drank earlier. Once that was gone, the real purge began. I could taste the bitterness of the bile that was pushing passed my stomach and up through my esophagus. My insides were in a knot as the toxins rushed out of me and into the bucket. 

The color of the purge (the bile) was indicative of where the toxins were coming from in my body. Some of my purge was blue and some was yellow, meaning that most of the toxins came from my pancreas and liver, respectively. After the purging process completed, I discarded the waste into the toilet while [He] prepared Part 3 of the ceremony.

Part 3: Rapé - The Cleansing Snuff

The last part of the Kambo ceremony was optional, but why stop now? I had made it this far in the journey and had no intention of backing out. Hapé is a powder that comes from the same root as the Sananga eyedrops from Part 1 of the ceremony. However, this powder was to be blown up the nostrils. The Hapé was meant to end the ceremony by facilitating a sharp mind and purifying my energetic field.

Using a pipe-like mechanism, [He] placed one end to my left nostril and let out a quick blow. The powder shot up through my nose and to my head, leaving an unpleasant burning sensation in its trail. Unfortunately, since I had committed to the left nostril, there was no backing down now. I had to do the right nostril too. Luckily, this process was quick and the burning sensation left my cranium soon after it arrived.

I was told that I would be extremely tired and fall asleep once the ceremony was over, but I noticed my energy levels come back to me rather quickly. 

That's it. My first Kambo experience was complete.

Later That Day

I am writing this excerpt about 7 hours since my Kambo ceremony was completed, and there is something about the way I feel right now that did not exist before today. I feel slightly more elevated in my mind, and a more positive energy is naturally flowing through my body. I was told that these effects will persist and grow over the next few weeks, so I look forward to the near future.

Would I do the Kambo cleanse again? Well, the fear I once had for it has greatly diminished after today. I see great value in the proper administration of Kambo, and to put oneself through a small period of discomfort in order to purify the body of negativity, chronic pain, depression, and much more. We live in a world where comfort is so easily accessible through the push of a button. We lose sight of what it's like to be uncomfortable, therefore not knowing the reward that comes from putting ourselves through certain difficult experiences. So to answer my own question - yes, I would do the Kambo cleanse again, and this time I will welcome it with open arms.

Andrew From Beaumont

When I went to Jason, I spent most of my day in bed fantacizing about
death. I used Alcohol, Benzodiazapenes (years long addiction), Kratom,
Marijuana, and myriad Dissacosiatives daily. I had taken vast
combinations of dozens of psychedelics over 100 times.The ecstacy of a
full Kundalini awakening and Unity Conciousness experience repeated a
few times was all that lodged in my mind to keep me going. Eventually
those experiences turned into swimming lost in darkness. There was
nothing left there in the drugs/medicines for me, and they were all that
kept me going. In short, I had reached the end of my rope and was
waiting for the courage to kill myself.

I read about Kambo, and within a week spent about half the money I had
to travel to Dallas to see Jason. I spoke with him on the phone, and he
was kind and reassuring enough to get me out of bed, stop Kratom
immediatly, alcohol a few days later, leave the marijuana and
dissociatives at home, and travel to Dallas on a bus feeling like death
with some benzos so I wouldn't seizure and die. Those three days worth
of sessions turned my life around. Jason was kind and reassuring. He was
easy to communicate with and made what is an intimidating process easy.
It was Divine Wife Providence. Nothing else was left.

I felt better when I got home, but knew there was still so much darkness
left in me. Jason agreed to come out for three more days a month later
to show me how to self apply Kambo. I spoke with him at length, and he
shared part of his life story. It was nice to get to know him in that
way. After those three days, I owed my Mom $40. Yeah, 33, and living
with my Mom again. Not for much longer though. It was the best use of
abundance in my life to that point.

I used Kambo just about every week from October 2018 until early
Janurary of 2019. I have worked through so much
physical,emotional,spiritual blockages. I have begun communicating with
guides/soul family. My dreams have returned, and are bleeding through
into this false reality. I stopped running enough to meet my twin flame
wife. I can see our future and it was worth everything. Prison, drug
blackout afer blackout, hatred, pain, sexual shame, anger, rage. It is
all going away so fast you could not help but belive in the One and the
All. I am also learning that nothing that happened was who I really am.
It was all a plan to change this world into what Is.

I was told to write this. I know it will help resonate with at least one
person, and help them change their lives. Thanks everybody!!!