Kambo Session / Price

The cost of a Kambo session is $110. If travel is required for a private session then the cost may be adjusted to ACCOMMODATE for gas and cost of travel. Contact us directly to inquire.

Tribal Detox Participation Waiver

Please complete the Tribal Detox Participation Waiver before you arrive to your Kambo session

When required to travel for Kambo Sessions, the first 20 miles are free. After 20 miles, an additional charge of 40 cents per mile will be added to the total cost. This is not per person and can be divided among the total number of clients. If required to stay overnight, there will be an additional accommodation fee which is based on an average price of accommodation in the area of the client ranging from $85-$150.


Kambo session deposit

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$20 non refundable deposit to secure your Kambo session.