Tribal Detox Kambo Practitioner Training Course


Why Tribal Detox Kambo Practitioner Training Course?

Our training course has been develped to welcome people and personalities from all backgrounds and walks of life.  Kambo can be beneficial to everyone and does not cater to any specific spiritual or religious background.  Our training is centered around technique and the pragmatic application of Kambo, the science of Kambo as well as a huge emphasis on using Kambo in a safe manner.  Our core value is to produce the highest caliber of trained practitioners to ensure the safety of the client, the practitioner and that of Kambo itself.  

What does it mean to be a Kambo Practitioner?

To be a Kambo practitioner is to be of service to others.  As a practitioner, you are facilitating a potentially life-changing experience for another person.  You will "introduce" your clients to the extraordinary properties of Kambo and guide them safely through an unforgettable experience.  To be a Kambo practitioner is not merely a job or a means to make a is a way of life.  

Where is the training course?

Our practitioner training course is located in the beautiful historic town of Creede, Colorado.  Creede is tucked into  the San Juan mountains and is surrounded by breathtaking sheer cliffs.    Click here to learn more about Creede.   Our accommodation is a 5 bedroom 3.5 bath facility.   We accommodate 10 students per class to allow for comfortable living quarters and to maximize learning without being in a cramped environment.

How long is the training course and what is included?

The practitioner training course is a 12 day intensive course.  In these 12 days, you will learn the recorded history around Kambo.  You will learn the theory and science behind Kambo.  You will become CPR/First aid/AED certified through the American Red Cross. There will be one off day where we will go as a group to the luxurious and completely relaxing  Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa (included in price of course).  In this course, you will receive multiple Kambo sessions as well as facilitate multiple Kambo sessions.  You will also learn how to serve and self administer the Amazonian nasal snuff rapé (pronounced Hapee) and sananga eye drops.  Upon graduation, you will receive your own complete Kambo kit outfitted with everything necessary to begin your own  Kambo practice as soon as you return home.    Also upon graduation, you will be added along with a personal bio to our website as a Tribal Detox practitioner where you will have access to our copyright protected branding for your own practice and marketing.  

What is the cost of the Practitioner training course?

The cost of the course is $1800 USD.  Included in this price is accommodation, Tribal Detox practitioner course certification, CPR/First Aid/AED certification, Kambo practitioner kit ($300 value) and 1 day entry into the Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa facility.  Transportation to and from Alamosa airport from Creede is also included if needed.

Is food included?

Food is not included in the course package.  However the Kentucky Bell Market is only a short walking distance away, where you should be able to find most of your grocery needs.  Your accommodation will have all the necessary appliances to store and prepare food, coffee and tea.  There are also several dining options around town that you can view here.  

PREREQUISITES and how to register

Course Prerequisites

  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old

  • In order to attend this training, you must have received Kambo a minimum of three times.  You will be doing Kambo often during the training and this is not where you want to discover if Kambo is right for you.  

  • Schedule a phone consultation with Tribal Detox

  • Upon completion of the phone consultation a $300 non refundable deposit will be required.  The $300 deposit will be used to purchase your Kambo kit that will be waiting for you upon arrival to the course.    Once you are ready to make the deposit, scroll to the bottom of this page where your pay options are available.  

Are you ready to embark on a life changing adventure?

These are your next steps

  1. Click here to complete the Tribal Detox online waiver to ensure you are fit to receive Kambo from Tribal Detox.  
  2. Contact us to schedule a phone consultation. 

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2019 Course Schedule

Oct 7th-Oct 18th

Kambo Practitioner Training Course

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Oct 7th-Oct 18th

Kambo Practitioner Training Course

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Dec 2nd-Dec 13th

Kambo Practitioner Training Course

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Dec 2nd-Dec 13th

Kambo Practitioner Training Course

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Non-refundable Training Course Deposit


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The $300 non-refundable deposit secures your spot in the training course as well as purchases your complete Kambo kit that you will take with you upon completion of the course.