What is Kambo?

VIVA KAMBO! - Kambo is one of the strongest most  natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial, and anaesthetic substances found in the world. Kambo is one of the strongest, natural ways to strengthen the immune system. Kambo detoxes the liver and  intestines acting as a powerful cleanser. The immediate and short term effects include enhanced mood, alertness, clarity, focus, energy and increased resistance to stress, tiredness, hunger and thirst. The mind becomes still and you feel lighter and life  becomes easier to manage. In the longer term, Kambo empowers the immune system, rousing the body’s defence systems to their natural functions so that existing health problems are improved or resolved and future issues are less likely to occur.

In spiritual terms, Kambo works in a mystical fashion as a ‘light that opens the way’, helping us to overcome obstacles and release blockages on an emotional level. Kambo clears our energy field , enabling us to break negative habits and live and think more naturally. Despite the billions of dollars being poured into research and development of mainstream synthetic medication from Phyllomedusa Bicolour frog secretions, no one has yet managed to reproduce the original. Kambo in it‘s original natural form is a holistic treatment that works on the mind, body, energy, and spirit at all levels in ways that we do not completely understand.  The native peoples of the Amazon are right to use the word ‘magic’ when describing this substance.

USES OF KAMBO - The use of Kambo differs amongst tribes, but the main indigenous uses revolves around lifting Panema – an indigenous name for dark or negative energy and for Hunting Magic – they believe it improved their speed and energy during hunting and that Kambo makes the hunter invisible by temporarily eliminating the human odor. There are many ways Kambo is used medicinally too, including: malaria, snake bites, fevers, infections, fertility problems, to cleanse, detox,and strengthen the mind and body, to increase energy and stamina and to reduce pain.

Healing Through Frog Poison?

What Happens During a Kambo Treatment?

Kambo is intense and fast. The unpleasant effects are strong and immediate, but over within 20-30 minutes. The dried Kambo is mixed with a small amount of water and divided into small dots. Then small dots called ‘gates’ are placed on the surface of the skin. The points are approximately 1/8" across but can be slightly larger depending on the treatment. The top thin layer of skin is blistered with a hot stick and is peeled off to expose the epidermis underneath (this is similar to when you have a blister and the skin rubs off). There is no blood. The number and position of the dots varies from person to person depending on individual needs.

If you have a series of treatments in the same session, the same points are reused. The small dots of Kambo are applied to the points. This is the only way to take Kambo - it is not safe to ingest it, snort it, or to introduce it into the blood stream directly. Kambo enters directly into the Lymphatic System so the effect is very fast. Most people experience a warm to hot flush on the upper body and face along with increased heart rate. At this point different people will react in different ways: some will feel dizzy, foggy or spaced out; the occasional person will shake or even faint. Some people have swollen lips or face and slight skin tingling.

Kambo will be acting around your body, scanning it for problems and then going directly to work in those areas. You may experience a throbbing or burning sensation in those areas for a short period. Some people may feel some abdominal discomfort and need to defecate. Once the Kambo has cleaned the body, you will purge all the toxins out. This purging process works on a physical and emotional level. You may feel tired at this point and need to rest. Within a short time, usually an hour or so, you will feel much better and you can drink and eat normally. Within a day, depending on your state of health, you will start to feel the real benefits.

Is Kambo right for you?